Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium 1.0

Create web content, presentations or games and apps for mobiles
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Make your own interactive websites, mobile games or applications, user interfaces, etc. It supports HTML, CSS, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JPS and XHTML.

Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 Web Premium software is a complete solution for creating interactive websites, applications, user interfaces, presentations, mobile device content, and other digital experiences. Get everything you need to prototype your project, design assets, build web experiences, and efficiently maintain and update content.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Standard software is a basic toolkit for web designers and developers.

Top features:

* Get the newest versions of the award-winning tools, integrated workflows, and valuable utilities used to prototype, design, develop, and maintain websites, applications, interactive experiences, and mobile device content.

* Fluidly move assets across Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3 Professional, Dreamweaver CS3, and Fireworks CS3 software. Use Adobe Version Cue CS3, Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Stock Photos to manage assets. Prepare content for mobile devices with Adobe Device Central CS3.

* Create and edit streaming and progressive FLV content for playback through the ubiquitious Adobe Flash Player. Comprehensive video creation and delivery tools include a standalone video encoder, alpha channel support, a high-quality video codec, embedded cue points, video import support, QuickTime import, closed-captioning, and more.

* Incorporate rich interactivity into your projects. Whether it’s Ajax interactivity in web page elements, streaming interactive broadcasts, or an interactive multiuser collaboration application, Creative Suite 3 Web Premium has everything you need to draft and deploy your interactive vision on the web.

* Keep pace with evolving technologies and standards. Design with HTML and CSS; integrate with development technologies like XHTML, XML, Adobe ColdFusion®, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, and PHP; test content across browsers and operating systems; and prepare for the new Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

* Go farther with ActionScript 3.0, the high-performance, object-oriented programming language for Adobe Flash Player. Explore a whole new world of customization using the rich language, API, libraries, and expansive community support services.

* Easily apply best practices of web design and development. Create consistent CSS-based designs with CSS layout and visualization tools. Drag and drop an XML feed onto a web page. Use the industry’s first integrated tool for Section 508 and WCAG Priority 2 checkpoints.

* Use Adobe Device Central CS3 to design, develop, preview, and test content for a wide range of mobile and consumer devices. Easily show your work in numerous mobile device skins through built-in and regularly updated device profiles.

* Pick your platform. Creative Suite 3 Web Premium is available for Mac OS—including Intel® based Macintosh computers—Windows XP, and Windows Vista™. Design in your preferred platform, and then deliver across platforms with consistent results.

* Whether you’re adding interactive video, migrating to CSS, conforming to accessibility regulations, preparing for IPv6 conversion, or experimenting with mobile content, Creative Suite 3 Web Premium lets you work well today and grow for tomorrow.

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